Navigating a Modern Marketing and Loyalty Program With AI and Machine Learning

First designed to compensate customers for being ‘loyal’ to brands with points, miles, or cashback, loyalty programs have become integral to large retail, CPG, FMCG, and travel brands. While this continues to hold true, loyalty and engagement have taken on a new meaning, driven by the data revolution and how ‘we’ in the loyalty and marketing industry define our customers – more often than not – through common marketing metrics such as CLV, RFM, and ROI.
As data has played a significant role in how reward programs are defined, the groundwork has been laid for emerging data-driven technologies, such as AI and Machine Learning, to be at the forefront of how loyalty programs are perceiving, classifying, and directly engaging with their members.
This white paper from Comarch explores how loyalty program data, combined with AI and machine learning, can influence dynamic segmentation, predictive content and offer personalization

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