Lead a successful digital transformation

91% of organizations are pursuing digitization, yet according to Gartner, only 40% are successfully achieving it.
In this eBook, executives at NBCU, Nexstar, Fortune Magazine, and Marketplace share best practices and common pitfalls from their own digital transformation journeys.
You’ll learn:
  • How customer-centered digitization can become a competitive advantage
  • Which emerging technologies are helpful, and which are just hype
  • Navigating change through every level of your organization, from individual contributors to top leadership
  • Lora Dennis, Senior Vice President of Digital Media at NBCUniversal Owned Television Stations
  • Jonathan Rivers, Chief Technology Officer at Fortune Magazine
  • Nancy Cassutt, Managing Director, News, Marketplace (American Public Media)
  • Scott Morris, Senior Vice President Of Technology and Innovation at Nexstar Media Group, Inc.

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