Creating An Omnichannel Experience for B2C Brands

We all know what it feels like to have our customer experience compared to other companies. And if you’re a consumer-facing company competing against brands with a LOT more resources, these comparisons can feel particularly unfair. Maybe one of these hits close to home:
  • Why aren’t your personalized recommendations as smart as Amazon or Best Buy?
  • Why isn’t your online meal ordering as slick as Starbucks or Shake Shack?
  • Why doesn’t your mobile app notify me about upcoming services like Tesla or BMW?
  • Why aren’t your communications as timely and tailored as those from Citi or Ameritrade?
But here’s the good news: creating an omnichannel customer experience is not the insurmountable mountain that some make it out to be.
Read this eBook from Mautic to learn:
  • The 5 capabilities today’s consumers expect to “just work”
  • The 4 critical questions you need to answer well in order to thrive in an omnichannel world
  • The right approach, alignment, and technology that can help you create your own seamless CX

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