Attribution: Modeling for Data-Driven Marketers

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Attribution for the data-driven marketer

To help data-driven marketers find better multi-touch strategies for understanding the full customer journey, allocating marketing budgets, and optimizing campaigns, Adroll ran an in-depth survey of professional marketers in the US.

The findings in this report from AdRoll should provide guidance on how to measure your campaign performance in the long and short term.
Report highlights:

  • Despite the importance of tracking performance across channels, only 54% of marketers have an attribution system in place.
  • Most marketers attribute 10–25% of view-through conversions (VTC) within a 30-day window.
  • Over 63% of marketers surveyed said they track audiences by device type, yet 38.9% stated that mobile is still one of the greatest challenges related to digital attribution.

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