8 Experts on How to Measure People-Based Marketing Impact

Get best practices for embracing a people-based approach.

For marketers, the battleground for customers has never been so competitive, or so complicated. Consumers now interact with your brand across a dizzying number of channels, touchpoints and devices.

Marketers must embrace a paradigm shift: They must stop targeting personas and start targeting people. People-based marketing is the ability to identify customers and prospects across channels and devices so you can deliver more relevant — and effective — messages.

But if you want to deliver on a people-based marketing strategy, you must use people-based measurement. People-based measurement helps companies shift from a brand-centric, top-down approach to a customer-centric, data-driven approach. It unites the unique profiles of your customers and prospects with tactical marketing performance, so you can optimize marketing and advertising performance by audience segment.

Download this white paper from Visual IQ to get a wealth of advice from eight experts on why the need for people-based measurement is so great and what they would recommend for marketers who want to embrace it.

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