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Visual IQ, a Nielsen company, is the world’s leading marketing intelligence software provider. Leveraging its rich history of marketing attribution expertise, the company provides a single platform for analyzing consumer profiles in combination with tactical marketing performance across all channels and devices. By combining the power of audience and attribution, its Marketing Intelligence solutions provide the real-time insight brands and agencies need to optimize marketing and advertising performance by audience segment and drive the online and offline success metrics they care about most.

Resources from Visual IQ:


8 Best Practices for Implementing Multi-Touch Attribution

Implementing a cross-channel attribution strategy can seem complex for any business, large or small. But with proper planning and collaboration, multi-touch attribution can have a tremendous impact on performance. Multi-touch attribution shows you the impact of each addressable touchpoint on … read more »


8 Experts on How to Measure People-Based Marketing Impact

For marketers, the battleground for customers has never been so competitive, or so complicated. Consumers now interact with your brand across a dizzying number of channels, touchpoints and devices. Marketers must embrace a paradigm shift: They must stop targeting personas … read more »


Branding Measurement in Today’s Accountable World: A Tale of Two Marketers

“Branding Measurement in Today’s Accountable World: A Tale of Two Marketers” is a research study that explores the various challenges brand marketers face when it comes to quantifying marketing performance. The study, which is based on findings from a survey … read more »


Digital Marketing Attribution: How Marketers & Agencies Convert Its Insights to Actions

Date: Jul 27, 2011 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Madan Bharadwaj, Vice President, Visual IQ
Adam Gitlin, Global Director, Digital Analytics & Technology, Annalect
Seb Maitra, Senior Vice President, Media, Analytics & Search, Hill Holliday


Marketing Attribution Demystified: Ask The Experts

Date: Mar 15, 2011 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Manu Mathew, Co-Founder & CEO, Visual IQ
Madan Bharadwaj, VP, Product Management, Visual IQ