2018 State of Local Marketing Report

The State of Local Marketing Report 2018 from BrandMuscle:
  • Includes insights based on 2,700+ survey responses from local business partners
  • Analyzes 150K+ data points on local and channel marketing and hundreds of millions of dollars of co-op/MDF and local marketing investments made by national brands since 2011
  • Introduces the concept of precision marketing and the impact it will have on brands
  • Examines how brands and their local business partners can effectively scale and maximize their marketing spend, ensuring they do not waste a dollar
  • Cross references survey responses with an analysis of corporate co-op spending to showcase where marketing dollars are being spent and proving most effective

Sponsored by BrandMuscle
BrandMuscle is the leader in brand-to-one integrated marketing, serving more than 300 of the world’s top brands. Our integrated marketing platform enables brands and their local partners to acquire and retain the best customers, build lifetime customer value, and achieve significant, measurable ROI.