Trust the Trail(blazers): Launching Your Best CTV Campaign

Date: Jul 13, 2023 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Jon Zucker Senior Product Marketing Manager, MNTN

When it comes to Connected TV, you don’t need to walk the road less traveled. Why ford the river if someone already built a bridge? Successful advertisers have already done the hard work of figuring out what a winning performance-focused CTV strategy looks like. That’s why we looked at the top 25% of advertisers on our platform and put together a guide—because you shouldn’t have to optimize alone.

Join Jon Zucker, Senior Product Marketing Manager at MNTN, as he gets tactical about prospecting and retargeting, including the best time to launch each campaign and how long to let them work. He’ll outline how to make the most of your creative, be it evergreen or seasonal. Plus, he’ll share a case study of a top advertiser who has perfected their trailblazing strategy…no snakebites or wayward oxen. Just clear skies and a new day ahead.

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