Metadata, SEO, and ChatGPT: What’s DAM Got To Do With It?

Date: Jun 6, 2023 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Melissa Torres, Assistant Director of Digital Publishing, Phillips 66
Jake Athey, VP of Sales & Marketing, Acquia
Kevin Quillen, Drupal Practice Lead and Principal Developer, Velir
Chris Hay Distinguished Engineer, IBM

In the world of content creation and customer experience, AI’s ability to alleviate tedious tasks has been hyped. However, for a successful digital asset management strategy, librarians still know best how to generate and manage complex information libraries using metadata.

In this webinar, Melissa Torres, Assistant Director of Digital Publishing for Phillips 66, and Jake Athey, VP of Sales & Marketing for Acquia, will share what content creators, managers, and users need to know to ensure you can find, use, and control your content in order to deliver maximum value.

Kevin Quillen, Drupal Practice Lead and Principal Developer at Velir will also join the webinar to share ways that OpenAI services can help, augment, or assist users in their day-to-day tasks from a content management perspective in Drupal. Chris Hay, Distinguished Engineer at IBM, will share how the role of DAM changes with the rise of AI.

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