How Google Paid Search Automation Has Changed the Game for Marketers!

Date: Sep 15, 2022 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Vishal Maru, VP Solutions, iQuanti

With increased automation from Google – Smart bidding, Responsive Search Ads, etc., how marketers approach Paid Search management has evolved. Automation can incorporate more information to better understand the user’s intent, personalize the right message, and make the right bid for each search.

So, with many campaign optimizations getting automated, what is the role of Paid Search campaign managers and marketers? We believe that even with automation, campaign managers and marketers play a critical role in driving performance. Human efforts will pivot to more value-added tasks, such as enabling automation, implementing foundational elements, and driving strategic actions.

Join Vishal Maru, VP of Solutions at iQuanti, as he discusses the three value-added tasks marketers should focus on and also learn best practices to enable automation effectively.

  • How to transition to value-based automation – wherein you optimize for business KPIs – revenue, profitability, LTV, etc.
  • Key campaign management best practices in the age of automation.
  • How to maximize the potential of first-party data, pivot to a more strategic outlook, and build a test-based approach to optimization and growth.

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