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Guide & Checklist: How to Choose a PPC Platform

Searching for the right PPC software platform? This free guide and checklist will help you determine what you should be looking for in a software provider. After reading this guide, you’ll be able to answer key questions like: Is PPC … Read more »


Quality Score Toolkit: Could Your AdWords Performance Use a Boost?

Quality Score is the key to highly effective, cost-efficient PPC campaigns. But for many marketers, Quality Score is a frustrating metric, hard to understand and even harder to master. The Quality Score Toolkit from WordStream gives you the resources you … Read more »


Search and Display: Capitalizing on the Retargeting Opportunity

This E-Book discusses the current state of online display advertising, including its growth, its synergies and relationship with PPC, and the new retargeting opportunities. Thanks to investments in new technologies, new ad formats and improved buying and selling processes, online … Read more »


4 Signs You Need PPC Software

Is it time to invest in a PPC management platform? This new, free guide reveals four signs that your business could benefit from PPC software. These include: You Have the Budget – You’re Just Not Spending It Well Your PPC … Read more »


Controlling PPC Costs with Negative Keywords: An Expert’s Guide

Making sure your PPC spend is focused only on targeted, profitable keywords is the key to running AdWords campaigns with a high return on investment (ROI). The best way to filter out unwanted traffic and unnecessary costs is by using … Read more »


The Emergence of the SEO Platform: How First Movers Are Gaining the Upper Hand in Natural Search

SEO has long been running to keep up with its digital family but the SEO platform is changing the way SEO is being practiced. The SEO Platform is a software as a service technology that automates data gathering, enables the … Read more »


E-Book: Building an Attribution Model That Works

The use of attribution modeling to improve PPC efficiency has quickly grown in both popularity and sophistication. Yet creating an accurate attribution model is still one of the most difficult parts of any agency’s or marketer’s job, whether you are … Read more »


Comparing 3 Conversion Tracking Processes: Selecting the Right Conversion Tracking Methodology

Experienced online marketers know that you can’t measure what you can’t track. And with campaigns that extend across Bing, Google, and other publishers, it’s essential to be able to integrate, track, and optimize various conversion metrics to meet strategic and … Read more »

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