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Founded in 2004, SearchForce builds a customizable and scalable pay-per-click management & bid optimization platform to meet leading SEM objectives. The company’s software is used by some of the largest agencies, online advertisers and brands. SearchForce’s platform allows clients to effectively manage large-scale, online marketing campaigns across Google, Yahoo!, Bing, Facebook and a variety of other marketing channels including natural search to deliver higher returns at a lower cost, and with less work. SearchForce boasts a localized platform with support for multiple languages, time zones and currency.

Resources from SearchForce:


Best Practices for Facebook Advertising

Facebook now has half a billion active users. Yes, that’s billion with a “B.” That means about one in every 14 people on the planet now uses Facebook and the user base is still growing. Not only that, users spend … Read more »


“Why Care About Combination Clickers”

Search marketers often try to profile consumers who click on paid ads against those who prefer natural search results. But the reality is there is little discernable difference between paid and organic clickers. Your better targets are consumers who click … Read more »


Facebook and Paid Search

With half a billion active users spending a total of 700 billion minutes on Facebook every day, advertisers and their agencies are focusing more attention on Facebook as a key component of online advertising. And with an audience that clearly … Read more »


Understanding Multi-Channel Attribution: Best Practices for Attribution Strategy & Modeling

Creating an accurate attribution model is one of the most difficult parts of any search marketer’s job, particularly in light of the proliferation of new media channels and audience fragmentation. There are many questions that are difficult to answer, including: … Read more »


Comparing 3 Conversion Tracking Processes: Selecting the Right Conversion Tracking Methodology

Experienced online marketers know that you can’t measure what you can’t track. And with campaigns that extend across Bing, Google, and other publishers, it’s essential to be able to integrate, track, and optimize various conversion metrics to meet strategic and … Read more »

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