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Strategies for using product sampling to increase sales

The modern shopper is a private eye in plainclothes, seeking out first-hand accounts of products and following the path wherever it goes. Faced with an almost impossible number of choices, our private eye must be discerning and critical over everything … read more »


Experimenting with your referral program

This practical guide from Mention Me distills down what they’ve learned in over 700 A/B tests into a short list of 7 experiments. Designed to get you thinking creatively about your own refer-a-friend test plan, it includes advice on: How … read more »


Retail Roadmap to Success

Today’s retail landscape is strewn with obstacles and challenges, from ever-increasing consumer expectations and changing customer behavior to evolving technologies and e-commerce behemoths like Amazon. Even the largest and most beloved brands have struggled to keep pace with a constantly … read more »


Guide to the Psychology of Referral

The attraction of refer-a-friend-programs is not only financial; they tap into a much deeper human need for social recognition and belonging. This guide from Mention Me considers how psychology affects referral marketing. It looks at: What motivates customers to refer … read more »


3 Ways Retailers Can Amplify Revenue With Cohesive Search & Shopping Strategies on Google

There are two channels in retail marketing that go together better than perhaps any other pairing: Google paid search and Google Shopping. Yet most retailers have isolated strategies for each channel and manage their data separately. The two channels are … read more »


Google, the EU, and Comparative Shopping Services: Minefields (and Opportunity) Everywhere!

Date: Sep 6, 2018 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Andreas Reiffen. CEO, Crealytics


A Guide to Better Retail Sales

How can a brand selling through retailers hope to compete in the crowded online environment of e-commerce, and make a discernible impact on sales? At times, it can feel like an insurmountable challenge filled with enterprise-level Goliaths standing in your … read more »


The Complete Guide to Reviews

Consumer reviews can provide much more than just feedback on products and services, they also provide a way to attract more visitors to your website and a higher click-through rate. Reviews that your company receives from consumers can be a … read more »


The Smart Marketer’s Guide to Finding and Using Customer Insights

From launching new products to building out marketing campaigns, savvy businesses build plans around concrete customer insights. At their core, customer insights meld market research with shopper behavior and customer sentiment around your brand, offering a lens into what makes … read more »


Evolve Now To Personalization 2.0: Individualization

To meet customer expectations of rich, relevant experiences, digital business professionals must help their firms evolve their personalization strategy from segmentation to individualization. The good news: Customers are willing to share personal information with firms in exchange for more valuable … read more »