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The Consent and Preferences Roadmap: 7 Steps for Success

Embark on a journey towards effective consent and preference management with this infographic, “The Consent and Preferences Roadmap.” Designed to demystify the process, this roadmap outlines seven essential steps to guide your organization towards success. From initial setup to overcoming … Read more »


The Basics of Consent and Preferences: 7 Tenets to Keep in Mind

In the digital landscape, the line between engagement and annoyance is thin. Discover the power of consent and preferences in shaping seamless, positive customer experiences. Learn how to empower your customers with control over their data while enhancing engagement and … Read more »


Unify consented data across your tech stack

Unlock the secrets to optimizing your technology infrastructure with consent management. Discover how integrating consent management optimizes Customer Data Platforms (CDPs) for consent and usability, ensures marketing automation compliance – creating consent-based marketing segments, and seamlessly powers martech systems aligning … Read more »


Orchestrating The Customer Journey For Retail Success

As the digital ecosystem expands, online and offline channels have converged. Customers now interact with brands in so many different ways, different places, and at different times that orchestrating a harmonious shopper’s journey can be challenging. Like a conductor setting the … Read more »


5 AI-Powered Strategies for Ecommerce Personalization

Check out 5 AI-Powered Strategies for Ecommerce Personalization to discover why 1:1 personalization is the key to unlocking exceptional online shopping experiences — and learn:


9 SEO A/B Test Case Studies to Boost Your Travel Site’s SEO Performance

In this free PDF, get 9 SEO A/B test ideas and learn which changes to deploy, avoid, and retest to drive organic growth for your site! Discover which SEO test idea had a positive, negative, or inconclusive test from 9 … Read more »


Achieving Compliance Excellence: Your Path to Marketing Success

Date: Feb 15, 2024 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)



Marigold’s 2024 Global Consumer Trends Index

Marigold’s commitment to providing brands with the latest consumer insights continues for 2024, with our most expansive Consumer Trends Index yet.  This year’s report includes more data for age generations, as well as new insights into key areas like purchase … Read more »


11 lifecycle automation strategies for retailers

Unlock the power of timely, personalized content to nurture customers toward purchase. This ebook offers 11 game-changing strategies designed to help you captivate customers through their preferred channels, transforming casual browsers into loyal buyers. Discover how to:


5 Ways to Create Better Customer Experiences with Data Collaboration

In today’s data-driven world, one thing is clear: Bolstering your first-party data strategy is key to driving results. A 2023 study found: “Over half of respondents who strongly prioritize the use of first-party data reported exceeding their customer retention expectations.”* … Read more »

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