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LiveRamp is the data collaboration platform of choice for the world’s most innovative companies. A groundbreaking leader in consumer privacy, data ethics, and enterprise identity, LiveRamp is setting the new standard for building a connected customer view with unmatched clarity and context while protecting brand and consumer trust. LiveRamp offers complete flexibility to collaborate wherever data lives to support the widest range of data collaboration use cases— within organizations, between brands, and across its premier global network of top- quality partners.

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5 Ways to Create Better Customer Experiences with Data Collaboration

In today’s data-driven world, one thing is clear: Bolstering your first-party data strategy is key to driving results. A 2023 study found: “Over half of respondents who strongly prioritize the use of first-party data reported exceeding their customer retention expectations.”* … Read more »


5 Best Practices for Building a Successful Media Network

Industries beyond retail are quickly realizing the opportunities of media networks. The benefits of media networks for businesses are clear: Media networks provide deeper customer insights and understanding; power campaign and product innovation; and create better customer experiences across brands. … Read more »


Baby Come Back! How to Grow Customer Revenue with People-Based Search Marketing

Date: Jun 15, 2017 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Katherine Flood, Search Program Manager, CustomInk
Lisa Rapp, Director, Brand Product Marketing, LiveRamp


How to Grow Customer Lifetime Value with People-Based Search Marketing

Your display advertising targets specific audiences, but what about your search marketing? It’s time to think beyond the keyword, and tailor your PPC campaigns based on who is actually viewing or clicking your ad. With a “people-based” approach to your … Read more »


7 Ways to Use People-Based Search

People-based search lets you reach the right people at the exact moment they show intent to buy. That’s huge. But to get the most out of this new discipline, search marketers need to be able to reach more people and … Read more »

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