Digital Marketing Attribution: How Marketers & Agencies Convert Its Insights to Actions

Date: Jul 27, 2011 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Madan Bharadwaj, Vice President, Visual IQ
Adam Gitlin, Global Director, Digital Analytics & Technology, Annalect
Seb Maitra, Senior Vice President, Media, Analytics & Search, Hill Holliday


In early June eMarketer published its forecast that total online display ad spending will surpass total search marketing spending by 2015. That being the case, marketers and their agencies utilizing either or both of these channels need to quickly learn how they impact each other – and how this knowledge can be converted into optimization actions.

In this webcast, cross channel attribution management software provider Visual IQ will illustrate a number of common, but extremely impactful insights that their software typically uncovers within their clients’ digital marketing data. After each insight is discussed, digital media executives from leading agencies will explain how they would execute optimization tactics to capitalize on the insight, and elaborate its potential business impact. Some of the insights include:

  • Display ad publishers/creatives that drive keyword searches/conversions
  • Affinities between search and display advertising
  • Display ad clicks vs. search clicks as indicators of “conversion intent”
  • Display ad creative sequencing that can increase conversions

Madan Bharadwaj is a Vice President at Visual IQ. He is responsible for product management and innovation strategy for the Visual IQ suite of state of the art cross channel marketing intelligence software products.

Madan is a recognized expert in cross channel attribution solutions for the digital marketing space. He has a background in machine learning and a wealth of experience building advanced media analytics products. Prior to Visual IQ, he led the data analytics practice at Bluestreak where he was responsible for the development and delivery of advanced analytical offerings. Prior to Bluestreak, Madan was with global communications firm Isobar, directing the analytics group during the development of a portfolio optimization based bid management platform for search engine marketing.

Madan is a graduate of University of Madras in India, where he holds a bachelor’s degree in electronics and communications engineering, and also holds a master’s degree in computer engineering from the University of Central Florida.

Adam Gitlin is Global Director, Digital Analytics & Media Technology at Annalect, responsible for digital measurement and media technology across OmnicomMediaGroup. In this role, Adam is focused on helping clients solve for a range of measurement challenges through innovative approaches towards measurement strategy, media technology, and process integrity.

More recently, Adam’s focus incorporates a variety of current topics including digital attribution, social analytics, privacy, engagement valuation, video analytics, and brand effectiveness. He is also tasked with elevating OMG’s expertise in media technology, having last year led the launch of a media technology consultancy called Platform Logistics, built to develop a best-in-class expertise on this rapidly growing and evolving area of the industry. Previous to this role, Adam operated as U.S. Director Digital Analytics at OMD, where he was responsible for defining and growing the Digital Analytics service.

Adam serves on the agency advisory boards of several industry leading technologies, is a frequent speaker on panels, and actively involved in developing standards as part 4A’s/IAB initiatives.

Seb Maitra is Sr. Vice President , Media, Analytics & Search at Hill Holliday. With over 20 years’ agency experience, he has been overseeing media and digital strategy, planning and buying of some of Hill Holliday’s key clients since May 2001.

Seb is responsible for having built Hill Holliday’s network-wide Analytics practice. The capabilities of this team is wide-ranging and cover a diverse range of offerings: from measurement & reporting of online and direct response communications to advanced analytics including marketing mix modeling and discrete choice modeling, among others. He has also built Hill Holliday’s paid search capabilities that now serve all their clients.

Seb has won numerous awards, including: a Gold Effie; IAB MIXX Award for Best Integrated Campaign; Mediaweek Media Plan of the Year Award; and MITX Best Applied Technology Award. He was named one of the best & brightest media strategists by B2B magazine in 2001 and 2005.

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