7 Use Cases That Prove Why You Should Implement DAM

Date: Apr 15, 2021 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Russ Barr, Digital Asset Management Director, Cloudinary
Frederic Sanuy, Founder and CEO Activo Consulting

Traditionally, businesses adopt digital asset management (DAM) solutions to centrally store content assets, organize them, and make them readily accessible for revisions and deployment. Thanks to innovations over the past years, cutting-edge and advanced DAM solutions that are dynamic are gaining popularity – adding to all of the capabilities you are looking for in a DAM solution.

In this webinar, industry experts will share their buyer’s guide for DAM and elaborate on the following benefits of dynamic DAM along with traditional common use cases:

  • Flexibility of setup: Whether you need a DAM to fit within your existing workflow, to integrate with your stack, or to replace the stack altogether.
  • Work-in-progress asset management: Versatility and convenience of a single source of truth for media assets along with advancements in workflow automation and publishing
  • Sharing and distribution of assets with partners and agencies: Elimination of content silos and disparate systems so that assets never leave the single source of truth at any stage of their lifecycle
  • Delivery of an optimal end-user experience: Emphasis on dynamic formatting, sizing, cropping, optimization, and delivery through multiple content delivery networks (CDNs)
  • Content velocity: Reduction of workflow cycles—all the way from creation of assets to delivery of experiences.
  • Direct publishing to different channels: Faster publication as a result of collaboration across internal and external teams and automation of publishing workflows powered by AI
  • Video asset management: Ability to manage videos as easily as images with the same DAM system.

You’ll also learn the critical role of a DAM manager, whose first challenge is to purchase the right DAM solution that ideally serves your business needs: workflow, media usage, future content strategies.

With best practices offered by DAM, you stand to save your teams a tremendous amount of time and effort to spend on product innovations and business initiatives.

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