The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Content Marketers

Forget everything you used to know about SEO.

Thanks to advancements in Google’s algorithm over the past few years, the veil between SEO and content has officially fallen. SEO may be the future of content marketing, but at the same time, content marketing is the future of SEO.

Unique, high-quality content is valuable to search engines in a way that is now translating into better search rankings, which is big news for content marketers. For years, content evangelists have had their work cut out for them when it came to justifying how a well-funded, long-term plan for high-quality content affects the business’s bottom line. But in recent years, that’s gotten easier. Beginning with the first Panda update in 2011, Google has handed marketers a clear mission: Produce smart, user-focused content, or be condemned to search engine purgatory.

But even though the worlds of SEO and content marketing have converged, not everyone has bridged the steep learning gap. What exactly do content strategists need to know about SEO, and why? In this white paper, Contently teams up with some top SEO minds to explore exactly that.

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