The Ultimate B2C Guide To Data Orchestration

Consumers are seeking brands that engage with them uniquely, understand their personal preferences, and protect their data.
In order for companies to create meaningful connections with consumers, they need one place to unify, organize, and launch their data to truly understand the nuances of their customer, what messaging is and isn’t working, and how they can create more relevant marketing experiences that improve ROI. That’s why data orchestration is so important.
Read this white paper from Lineate to learn how your business can leverage data orchestration to overcome internal data silos, connect disparate consumer touchpoints, and leverage data to create more personalized customer experiences that drive results.

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Lineate is a software development company that builds custom solutions for brands like Warner Music, eBay, The New York Times, and more. Lineate's data orchestration platform, DataSwitch, helps businesses run more personalized cross-channel campaigns, activate GDPR-compliant data, and gain unprecedented insight into qualified target audiences.