The State of Local Marketing Report 2020-2021

Download the single most comprehensive study on local marketing trends and best practices for 2020-2021.

BrandMuscle surveyed more than 8,000 channel partners over the last six years to reveal the latest local marketing trends and best practices and how they compare year-over-year. The State of Local Marketing Report outlines insights and research that point to data-driven methods for driving growth through local channel partners.

The data revealed in these pages reflects channel partners’ critical need for corporate support and marketing guidance as local businesses around the world face the unprecedented challenge of operating amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. Learn ways to assess and improve your channel partners’ local marketing capabilities.


Table of Contents:

  • The BrandMuscle Local Marketing Maturity Matrix™
  • The Road to Equipped: Year-Over-Year Trends
  • Local Marketing Maturity Model Changes
  • Program Dimension: Growth Commitment
  • Program Trends and Effectiveness
  • Reputation and Online Identity
  • Social Trends and Impact
  • Co-op Trends and Optimization
  • Conclusions

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