The Future of Enterprise SEO

There’s no shortage of resources on search engine optimization (SEO) on the internet today. Even though SEO resources are ubiquitous, the strategy still hasn’t caught on with many executives — maybe you’re one of them!
The reason SEO is still anathema (at worst) and neglected (at best) by many executives is that very little of the available information truly gets to the heart of SEO. We’re here to fix that. Welcome to The Executive’s Guide to SEO.
In this guide, Botify walks you through the most important pieces of building an SEO program, from having a holistic crawling-to-conversions methodology driving your efforts to how to set up your SEO team. By the end, you’ll be poised to start leveraging SEO and profiting from organic search.
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Sponsored by Botify
Botify is the first unified suite of applications assisting enterprise SEO stakeholders in each phase of the organic search process including technical SEO, content and real keywords. Often referred to by our customers as the “advanced version of Google Search Console”, Botify is giving SEO stakeholders the data, tools, and diagnostics necessary to create and maintain high quality digital assets for search engines and voice assistants. As a new standard in organic search analytics, Botify is now used by hundreds of leading international companies across industries including e-travel, e-commerce, media, marketplace, and digital agencies.

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