PPC Bid Management Guide

Top Bidding Tips from 10 PPC Experts

PPC bid management is one of the more complicated areas of PPC marketing, so many advertisers choose to automate the process using either the automated bidding option in Google AdWords or a third-party bid management solution. Each approach has it’s own pros and cons. While Google’s automated bidding is free, you to give up complete control. Third-party bid management software comes with more features, but with it comes a price tag.

Curious how most AdWords advertisers handle the PPC bid management process, WordStream asked 10 practicing PPC experts three questions:

  • Do you use automated AdWords bidding in Google AdWords? Why or why not?
  • If not, when do you raise and lower keyword bids?
  • What’s your best PPC bid management tip?

Download this white paper to get PPC bid management tips from the pros.

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