Digital Marketing Hiring Guide

Essential skills for a modern marketing team

Learn to transform your team.
Digital transformation presents many challenges for companies, one of which is having the right people in place to turn big transformation goals into reality.
This white paper from Aquent will detail what your team needs to attain a state of true digital transformation, including:
  • 6 essential skills, 18 core capabilities
  • How to spot the right hire
  • The new “Marketing Buzzword Alert Barometer”
  • Tips on managing Digital Transformation and improving the Customer Experience

Sponsored by Aquent
Aquent is a creative, digital and marketing staffing agency that delivers quality talent that make a difference to your organization. Many of the largest companies in the world have relied on us as their staffing partner for over 25 years. Our contract and contract-to-hire staffing services allow companies to add technical expertise to their marketing and creative departments, as well as increase the bandwidth of their in-house teams.