Webcasts, Podcasts = Most Popular Social Media Resources for Business Information

According to recent research from business.com, webinars and podcasts are the most popular social media resource for business information.

Here’s what the Business.com B2B Social Media Benchmarking Study reveals as the top 5 social media resources of business information

  • 69.1% – Attend webinars or listen to podcasts
  • 62.2% – Read user ratings & reviews for business products or services
  • 62.1% – Visit company or product profile pages on social media sites
  • 55.1% – Visit company blogs
  • 54.5% – Conduct searches for information on social media sites

The Business.com B2B Social Media Benchmarking Study is organized into two sections. The first focuses on identifying the most common and effective social media activities and sites through which to reach a business audience, essential information for planning B2B social media initiatives. The second section covers B2B corporate social media initiatives, benchmarking experience with social media for business (both respondent and company), top social media activities and how B2B companies judge social media success today.

This study is available for download at our WhitePaper page at Search Marketing Now.