Your Ultimate Paid Search Evaluation Checklist

Date: Feb 7, 2023 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Matt Boland, Senior Director, Paid Solutions, iQuanti

If you are looking into evaluating your paid search agency’s work or need help with your paid search strategy, tune in to get this Ultimate Paid Search Agency Evaluation Checklist.

It covers topics such as account setup tips, account monitoring guidelines (i.e. change logs, impression share monitoring, and Optiscore), and agency management topics such as pricing and contract terms.

Attendees will learn how to assess the performance of their paid search agency and make informed decisions about if they are meeting their specific needs. Additionally, attendees will receive a comprehensive checklist to use as a guide during their own agency evaluations. Join us to learn how to effectively evaluate your paid search agency or improve your in-house strategy.

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