What Marketers Must Know to Rise Above Economic and Buyer Uncertainty

Date: Aug 9, 2022 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Lauren Goldstein, Private Equity/Growth Equity Practice Lead for Winning by Design
Lucas Welch, Vice President, Corporate Marketing, Highspot
Cynthia Ramsaran, Director, Custom Content, Third Door Media

The pandemic and fears of an upcoming recession have intensified ongoing changes in buyer behavior, leaving sellers struggling to keep up.

Buyers engage with both digital and physical experiences but use multiple channels along the purchase journey. This calls for a hybrid selling approach across several channels, serving customers where they want to buy and in real-time.

What does this mean for marketers challenged with successfully launching products, campaigns and unique customer experiences?

MarTech recently surveyed nearly 300 marketers from brands across the U.S. to uncover their most significant challenges and strategies for overcoming them. The survey revealed that internal alignment on go-to-market initiatives across departments is the most prominent obstacle marketers face.

Join our panel to learn more about how marketers are overcoming their biggest challenges and the technology they’ve adopted to drive results. You’ll also learn:

  • Key findings from the MarTech survey and report
  • Successful strategies for improving internal alignment across your go-to-market teams
  • Internal improvements that will enhance your customers’ experience
  • Tactics marketers use to drive successfully drive demand
  • The sales and marketing technology that works

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