Consent Beyond Cookies: How You Can Authentically Build Audience Trust

Date: Nov 19, 2020 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Claire Feeney, Product Marketing Manager at OneTrust, PreferenceChoice
Zachary Faruque, Offering Analyst at OneTrust, PreferenceChoice

There’s a lot of talk about consent and cookies these days, and for good reason. Privacy expectations are expanding as browsers are moving away from third-party cookies.

Capturing user consent is becoming increasingly important for marketers – not only to ensure you’re being compliant with data privacy laws, but also to boost your audiences’ experience and keep your customers’ best interests front-and-center.

Marketers can start to plan for consent beyond cookies to build better customer relationships. In this 45-minute session, learn how to authentically build trust with your customers through a focus on transparency. We dive into where to capture user consent beyond cookies, including offline and in-person, and through web forms, email subscriptions, and opt-ins.

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