2019 Martech Trends You Need To Know

Date: Feb 28, 2019 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Scott Brinker, Conference Chair, MarTech, and Editor, Chiefmartec.com

If there’s one thing that’s certain in the field of marketing technology, it’s change. Rather than slowing down, several big changes are accelerating across the industry. And the good news is that you can harness them to your advantage for better marketing and better business.

Join the godfather of martech, Scott Brinker, for a live, exclusive look at the three overarching trends shaping marketing technology today and in the future:

  1. The maturing of martech platform ecosystems.
  2. The blending of software and services.
  3. The rise of citizen engineers.

These three marketing technology trends are breaking free of classic trade-offs and are enabling marketers to have “the best of both worlds.” Instead of suite vs. best-of-breed, it’s platforms and apps. Instead of buying software or services, it’s software-powered services and service-enabled software. Instead of build vs. buy, it’s custom apps and ops on a common foundation.

You can harness these trends today. But they will also get you through the disruptive “age of martech reckoning” ahead as we transition from the first golden age of marketing software to the second golden age and beyond.

Mark your calendars for February 28 at 1:00pm EST to join Scott and your martech community for powerful insights and game-changing advice. Register now!

Scott Brinker
MarTech Conference Chair and Editor, chiefmartec.com

Scott has over 20 years of experience at the intersection of marketing, IT, and software product development. He is the VP platform ecosystem at HubSpot, and previously was the co-founder and CTO of ion interactive. Scott is the author of the Chief Marketing Technologist blog – chiefmartec.com, and the author of the book Hacking Marketing.

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