About Zenreach


Zenreach is a WiFi-powered marketing solution to assist brick-and-mortar merchants with: Automatically collect customer data as they walk into a store & track visit behavior - Serve personalized messages across email, Facebook, Instagram & Google to get them keep coming back as well as find look-alikes - Measure & optimize campaigns based on walk-through-rate, not likes or clicks - Measure offline return of your digital ad spend, in real-time

Resources from Zenreach:


Adapting digital marketing for real-world results

Digital marketing’s playbook for ecommerce is established and effective. However, online advertising isn’t as effective for brick-and-mortar businesses. Understanding customer behavior is the key difference. In this guide from Zenreach, they explain how to use the in-store data you’re already … Read more »


WiFi Marketing: Know every customer, automate your marketing and see real results

There are now over 1.8 million commercial WiFi hotspots in North America. Each year more and more come online because businesses that offer WiFi have the potential to attract loyal customers who will spend more money. The stats about businesses … Read more »


Customer loyalty: A guide to understanding lifetime value in the offline world

Customer lifetime value, often referred to as CLV, is one of the most important measures of marketing success. Strong CLV represents loyalty and customer value. It’s a great way to measure the success and strength of your business But it … Read more »


A Click Is Not a Customer: Using offline attribution to improve digital ad performance

Digital advertising is among the most effective ways to get your message to potential customers. The challenge is you don’t know how well digital advertising performs if your goal is driving traffic to a real-world location. There’s no sure way … Read more »

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