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Marketing Automation Checklist

There are hundreds of software companies that have been identified as marketing automation platforms. Add in customer relationship management software, email marketing platforms and experience management tools and the market is daunting at best. In its “The 2015 Marketing Technology … read more »


Mastering Online-to-Offline Marketing: New Digital Strategies for Offline Conversions

Date: Sep 15, 2016 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Raj Sen, Group Product Marketing Manager, Adobe Analytics
Blair Symes, Content Marketing Manager, DialogTech


The Age of Brand, Agency & Customer Collaboration

  Almost 40% of marketers say their organizations aren’t highly effective when it comes to collaborating with brand/agency counterparts to translate a marketing vision into a targeted cross-channel program. Read the findings in this report. 60% of brand/agency executives say … read more »


Beware: Digital Clutter Blinds

We know and understand the challenges you face as a marketer first hand. The pressure to deliver data driven results, offer the best customer experience, and support your inbound marketing funnel. Words like “transformation” and “marketing technology” keep getting thrown … read more »


Marketing Technology: Decision Making Guide Content Management Systems

Working with a content management system (CMS) does not take a rocket scientist. At least, that’s how we hope you feel after reading this white paper. If you are thinking about implementing a content management system, searching for the best … read more »


Webinars for Dummies

“Webinars for Dummies” offers you insights into the steps of putting together a webinar, from identifying your audience through critiquing how your webinar went. With the information in this book, you can plan an effective webinar, promote your event, create … read more »


2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report

The first step to mastering webinar performance is understanding the larger trends in webinar marketing. Download the 2016 Webinar Benchmarks Report from ON24 and see performance metrics from over 12,000 webinars, including data on: Webinar registration and attendance Best times … read more »


How Leading Companies Tie Employee Advocacy to Business Outcomes

It is critical within an Employee Advocacy program to track every send, view, share, like, and reaction, but even more important to tie those data points back to your goals and KPIs. You must be able to easily turn your … read more »


Vendor Landscape: Digital Asset Management, 2016

In a world with increasing numbers of rich media assets and a diverse set of distribution channels, application development and delivery (AD&D) professionals must take a closer look at products like digital asset management (DAM). However, the market is fragmented, … read more »


Drive Unified Digital Customer Experiences With Better Technology Strategies

Digital customer experience has become a key business differentiator, and application development and delivery (AD&D) leaders of front-office, web, mobile, and digital development must step up to support their firm’s initiatives. To partner with marketing and business leaders, AD&D pros … read more »