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Modern Marketing Essential Guide to Cross Channel Marketing

Regardless of channel, consumers and prospects have more refined appetites for marketing and higher expectations. They expect and desire more than a generic product experience—they want to feel an affinity for their investment and attraction to a brand. There’s an opportunity for marketers to … read more »


Follow Four Steps to Find the Right Agency

The right digital partner can provide the perfect mix of creativity, technology and know-how to help your marketing adapt and thrive in a digital world. But how do you find the agency that fits? Four Steps to Finding the Right … read more »


Where Are You On The Path To CX Management Maturity?

Eighty-six percent of companies aspire to be customer experience leaders, but most don’t have the customer experience (CX) management capabilities that they need to achieve that goal. Forrester’s CX management (CXM) maturity model defines the 30 CXM practices that every … read more »


7 Mobile App Engagement Practices

As business goes mobile, many enterprises are taking a long, hard look at their mobile apps: are they bringing in the engagement they were made to deliver? Getting engagement right or realizing the potential of the mobile channel isn’t always … read more »


Customer-managed journeys: Beyond the map to actionable journey insight

It’s an important question because many businesses place the customer journey, and their view of it, as the central piece of their efforts to improve customer experience. In the age of the empowered consumer, you don’t manage the journey, your … read more »


Unifying the Customer Experience Across All Channels

Customers expect more than ever before. More personalization, product options, ways to communicate and value for their money. To meet these escalating expectations, marketing executives are making aggressive new investments in technologies, products, channels, content, and partnerships. On the technology … read more »

Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic 2016

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It’s here! Check out the new Marketing Technology Landscape Supergraphic (2016) from Scott Brinker, just released at the 2016 MarTech Conference. The number of marketing technology solutions in this chart nearly doubled over last year – to 3,874. First published in … read more »


Market Guide for Augmented Reality

Market intelligence managers need to know how augmented reality is evolving as an internal- and external-facing tool. Understanding how AR fits into the technology landscape of digital business, Internet of Things and cognizant computing will help you deliver value with … read more »


Mapping the Value of Your Customer’s Experience

Date: Apr 12, 2016 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Anthony Quiroz, Principal Strategy Analyst, CX, Ethology
Geoffrey Wilcoxson, Principal Strategy Analyst, Ethology


Content Distribution Tips

Distribution is one of the biggest challenges for brands that create content. This guide from has five strategic best practices that will help your content get more reach (and reach the right people), based on lessons from leading brands’ … read more »