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The Marketer’s Guide To Email Deliverability

Authentication. Whitelists. Spam complaints. Metrics. Ensuring email deliverability is harder than it sounds in today’s complex technical landscape. Make sure your team has all the nitty-gritty know-how you need to get your best messages into inboxes – and to protect … read more »


The Best of the Email Swipe File

A swipe file is a record of your top-performing campaigns that you return to for learnings and ideas. This concept inspired ExactTarget to create the Email Swipe File on Pinterest, where every week they share the emails and landing pages … read more »


B2B Marketing Automation Tools 2014: A Marketer’s Guide

New! Market Intelligence Report: B2B Marketing Automation Tools 2014: A Marketer’s Guide Consulting Editor: Scott Brinker, CTO, Ion Interactive and Publisher, Chief Marketing Technologist Research/Writers: Brian Kelly, Candlewood Creative; Karen Burka Editor: Claire Schoen, Digital Marketing Depot Download Now   This … read more »


Trends & Strategies for the Commerce Marketer

  How will you maximize sales this year? What new strategies and automation tactics should you implement? With the constant evolution of commerce marketing, online retailers need to find new ways to reach customers and keep them engaged. Download this … read more »


Email marketing in a complex world

The ever-changing digital communications landscape demands a paradigm shift when it comes to email marketing. Sending emails to a prospect or customer was simple at one point. However, with the growth of mobile devices and popularity of social networks, your … read more »


The State of Email Marketing 2013

Even with the rise of social media marketing, email remains a critical channel for connecting with prospects, driving customer engagement and revenue. Email is still the preferred tool for marketers, providing personalization, ease-of-use and measurable results. The challenges in 2013 … read more »


35 Free Pre-Designed Email Templates

These HTML templates come in seven packs, each catering to different marketing messages with five separate layouts: Lead Nurturing Email Letterhead Email Landing Page with Offer Blog Newsletter Digital Magazine Newsletter


The Four T’s of Effective Email Campaigns

Most marketing strategies these days are based on email marketing, so it helps to understand the basic elements of a successful email campaign. Some of the following tips and tricks have been hard won by others who are using email … read more »


How to Optimize Email Marketing for Conversions

75% of marketers say that they are using more email than they were three years ago. As the time commitment and investment in email marketing keeps growing, how will it affect your overall marketing strategy? Learn how increase the ROI … read more »


The Definitive Guide to Integrating Social Media and Email Marketing

Social media’s rapid rise over recent years gave marketers exciting new tools for communicating with customers and prospects. Suddenly, established marketing tactics such as email were seen as old fashioned, one-way channels that consumers were increasingly likely to ignore. But … read more »