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The Ultimate How-To Guide for Driving Traffic from Online to In-store

Learn how to turn online searches into in-store customers. 93% of retail sales are still completed offline, but the decision process starts online with local search. In this guide you’ll discover how to build and analyze your online to offline … read more »


How to Handle Negative Reviews

Bad reviews can actually help, not hurt, your business.  This short guide from Yotpo gives you 5 simple steps on how to handle negative reviews.


41 Loyalty Marketing Ideas

Millennials are members of a unique generation. Shaped by the 2008 financial crisis and Great Recession, these younger consumers stand behind brands that support causes they believe in and demonstrate value. Loyalty is not guaranteed from this group, but must … read more »


Winning the Tech Race: How Empowered Customers are Redefining Success in the Tech Industry

THE TECH INDUSTRY IS THE WILD WEST OF OPPORTUNITY The promise of huge payouts and extraordinary valuations has attracted people with deep pockets and great talent into the tech sector. Where there’s money and talent, ferocious competition is never far … read more »


The Retail Marketer’s Holiday 2015 Playbook

The holiday season has become an increasingly competitive space for retailers over the past few years, with brands struggling to break through the noise to gain customer attention. Not only are brands expected to drive increased sales year over year, … read more »


Reduce Cart Abandonment and Increase Revenue with Customer Reviews
Date: Jul 29, 2015 3:00PM GMT, 4:00PM BST (11:00EDT)

Andrew Shotland, Local (SEO) Consultant,
Mikkel Drucker, VP of Product Marketing


30 Seconds or Less: How to Engage the Distracted Consumer

The average length of time that consumers spend reading or listening to online marketing communications . Marketers today are now equipped with the strategies and technologies to better capture consumer attention. To do this, they need to orchestrate individualized customer … read more »


The Ultimate Guide to: Up-selling and Cross-selling

Drive cross-selling and up-selling with CRM, by thinking people – not software While CRM is a great toolbox for the complete sales cycle – cold prospect to red-hot lead – it needs to be looked at from another perspective: cross-selling … read more »


The Enterprise Guide to Customer Intelligence

Has your business been impacted by the empowered customer? If so, then you know from firsthand experience that the “customer is in control.” In order to adjust your strategy to meet their demands, it’s critical to become familiar with the … read more »


Tips for E-Commerce: 4 Steps to Drive Sales with the Phone

The online retail industry is booming. Today, companies of all sizes are finding success with e-commerce platforms in both B2B and B2C industries. While e-commerce continues to grow, many online retailers are still missing out on significant revenue because they … read more »