Benchmarking Your Marketing Cloud

You no longer have a website, you have a marketing cloud.

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In 2004 you had a website. In 2014, you have a marketing cloud. You interact with your customers across countless channels and device types, and rely on numerous vendor partners to do so. If you are like most enterprises, your marketing cloud is out of control. 


An out-of-control marketing cloud can cause you to send customers to competitors, dilute the value of your customer data and slow down your site, resulting in lost revenue. But today, you can take control of your marketing cloud, and ensure that you keep and grow your customer base, secure your data, maintain site performance, and keep your bottom line healthy.


In this white paper, Ghostery offers  tips for defining benchmarks in your marketing cloud management to ensure you maintain excellent control of all aspects of your website’s performance – and profitability.

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Ghostery, Inc. is a global marketing technology company that provides online transparency and control to individuals and businesses. Millions of people around the world have installed Ghostery’s easy to use browser plug-in to see and manage the information they share with companies online. Ghostery Enterprise puts the same power in the hands of professionals and enterprises. Ghostery Enterprise’s Marketing Cloud Management software enables enterprises to better manage their marketing cloud, improving data governance, site performance and vendor management. Ghostery Enterprise also offers privacy governance to enterprises, ensuring that companies comply with privacy standards and offer transparency to online users.