The Chatbot Is Dead: It’s Time to Modernize Your Online Experience

Date: Dec 1, 2022 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

David Greenberg, Chief Marketing Officer, Conversica

Businesses know they need an engaging, scalable way to connect with leads and customers. That’s why they’ve invested big bucks in marketing automation tools, chatbots, and other technologies to automate outreach and handle high volumes of contacts.

Unfortunately, a lot of these once-innovative solutions are falling short as needs evolve, and customer expectations mature. What you need is a paradigm shift—a strategic step-change that gives your team the power to engage all your leads and customers in natural, human-like conversations not only while they’re on your site but after they close the window, too. The scripted bot is dead; welcome to the AI-powered revolution!

This webinar examines old and new models of automating conversations with customers to drive revenue. Topics include:

  • Why today’s buyers are over the chatbot experience
  • What’s new and next in the world of Conversation Automation for Marketing and Sales
  • How to create a seamless, scalable, multichannel customer experience with your existing team that drives real revenue opportunities

Join David Greenberg, CMO at Conversica, as he discusses the future of Conversation Automation, what it means for businesses, and why customers crave personalized attention at scale.

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Conversica is a high-growth technology company that provides a cloud-based artificial intelligence platform for engaging inbound leads in the sales process. Through natural, two-way email conversations, the company's automated sales assistant automatically engages, qualifies and follows up with leads to convert them into sales opportunities, freeing up salespeople to focus on closing new business.