How to Leverage First-Party Data for a Winning CRM Strategy

Date: Jun 1, 2023 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Katie Intrater, Vice President of Business Development, AtData
Lars Helgeson, Founder and CEO, GreenRope

Marketers are constantly spinning their wheels to develop strategies to acquire, engage, and retain customers. But with the demise of third-party cookies and IDFA, new regulations and consumer consent laws, and an influx of anonymous identifiers and reluctant, privacy-conscious consumers, it isn’t getting any easier.

A real emphasis has been placed on the collection of first-party data.

Pairing a first-party data strategy with a one-to-one marketing strategy will help your teams remain aligned to ensure messages are both targeted and personalized. This needs to happen from the very first interaction at the point of ingestion. To get to the level of personalization consumers have come to expect, comprehensive customer profiles need to be built with demographic and behavioral insights.

Join Katie Intrater, Vice President of Business Development with AtData and Lars Helgeson, Founder and CEO of GreenRope, on Thursday, June 1, at 1 pm EST as they share their perspectives on the importance of clean, complete, and connected data to optimize your CRM.

You will learn:

  • Data collection techniques to improve foundational information
  • First-party data optimization tactics to enhance customer profiles and fill data gaps
  • Omni-channel strategies to hit customers with the right message on the right channel
  • Plus, tips to ensure your CRM never goes stale

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