3 Types of Silos Killing Your Marketing Team

Date: Feb 6, 2019 1:00 EST (10:00PST)

Clifford Stevens, Director of Creative Operations, Liberty Mutual
Brandon Jensen, Director of Marketing Operations, Workfront

Marketing has become a complex field, with evolving technologies, fast-paced processes and data that must be analyzed, interpreted and shared so you can continuously optimize those processes for better results.

But when teams are using disconnected technology, workflows and processes, it can be a struggle to manage day-to-day tasks, much less optimize and streamline how work gets done.

Join Liberty Mutual’s Director of Creative Operations, Clifford Stevens, and Brandon Jensen, Workfront’s Director of Marketing Operations, as they discuss three proven methods to master modern marketing work and break free from the silos that are slowly killing your marketing team.

Attend this webinar, and learn:

  • How Liberty Mutual’s marketing department is changing the way it works to innovate
  • How to focus on automating process and improving the status quo
  • How to start seeing immediate benefits by focusing on three simple things
  • How to conquer disconnection and truly collaborate

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