SMN Webcast: Analytics to Bridge Online-Offline Gap

Successful marketers know that web analytics are an integral part of any online marketing campaign. But marketers who use web-only analytics and don’t track offline conversions are missing an important piece of the marketing puzzle.

Offline conversions are simply sales that start online but are completed offline – either by way of a phone call or a visit to a physical store. Cross-channel tracking – measuring the offline results of your online marketing – is one of the biggest challenges for today’s marketers.

On Thursday, May 15 at 1:00 PM EDT, Christine Churchill will provide an introduction to web analytics, with a look at how to track offline conversions. Join us on this free webcast – register here.

Topics will include what metrics are important – and why; methods to track offline conversions; the keys to important analytics programs; lessons learned, and pitfalls to avoid.

Keith Maddox, CEO of SiteAcuity, will provide some case studies that demonstrate how to bridge the online-offline gap. He’ll discuss what works – and what doesn’t – for marketers who want to understand how their online marketing is driving offline behavior. Register today – it’s free.