Chris Sherman on Blended Search: SMN Webcast

Blended search – the practice of blending search result listings from news, video, images, and specialized, vertical search engines – has been with us for about a year now.

How has it affected search optimization (SEO) practices, particularly for larger brands? Has the blending of results changed how you compete for rankings?

Find out on Tuesday, April 29 at 1 PM Eastern, when Search Engine Land’s Executive Editor, Chris Sherman, discusses blended search and how it impacts large SEO campaigns. Join us for this Search Marketing Now webcast – registration is still open.

The first generation of search engines ranked pages based on the content of those pages — the words on the page. The second generation increased relevancy by analyzing links.

Now the third generation, Search 3.0, is upon us in full force.

This webcast will look at the revolutionary change happening with blended search and how search marketers can ride the wave to success. Chris Sherman will provide an overview, followed by a question and answer session with the audience. Register now!

This webcast is sponsored by iProspect, the Original Search Engine Marketing Firm.