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Monetizing Social Search: Using Real-Time Analytics & Behavioral Tracking to Enhance Content & Function
Tuesday, August 5 – 1 PM EDT
Speakers: Marty Weintraub, aimClear & Michael Wilson, Vignette Software

This webcast will look at how the combination of real-time analytics and user behavior can be used to enhance – and improve – the overall experience and ultimate ROI of your website. You’ll learn:

– Why it’s critical to understand real-time where your users have come from
– How user real-time behavior data can be used to enhance the search or ecommerce experience on your site
– What type of social data you should be measuring on your website’s “social graph?”
– What kinds of results successful marketers have found by blending analytic and social data
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The Social Graph: The Key to Search Marketing’s Future?
Thursday, August 14 – 1 PM EDT
Speaker: Chris Sherman, Search Engine Land

“The social graph” is garnering a lot of attention these days, including a vigorous debate between search marketers who believe leveraging social networks is the next big thing, and traditional search marketers who dismiss social search as the latest fad. Find out more, as Chris Sherman explores:

– The types of social media sites that appeal to search marketers
– How to understand and leverage the “social graph” of influentials and power users for maximum impact
– How campaigns on social networks can quickly go viral, producing tons of traffic
– How to sustain interest after the first spike of interest fades
– How much time and resources should search marketers invest in social search campaigns
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PPC Tips for Success: Building a Winning Account Structure
Tuesday, August 19 – 1 PM EDT
Speaker: Addie Conner, CourseAdvisor, Inc.

Whether you’re starting from scratch, expanding an existing campaign, or have just inherited someone else’s PPC campaign, building the proper account structure at the outset is critical. This webcast covers PPC account structure — why it’s important, what factors you should consider before you get started, and how you can go about developing a structure that’s right for your campaign. You’ll learn:

– How Quality Score factors into your account structure
– When to use multiple accounts in your campaign
– What the search engines see – and why it’s important to know
– What to consider when evaluating automated tools
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Coming in September:

September 4:

Getting More From Large, Complex Paid Search Campaigns: Increasing ROI Through Keyword Analysis and Optimization

Speakers: Steven Kaufman, Digitas & Roger Barnette, SearchIgnite

In this webcast, Steven Kaufman will show you how to more accurately measure the value of your keywords by analyzing the role they play in the entire customer search cycle – from generating interest up to a conversion. Roger Barnette will follow this with a brief case study/report outlining a real-world example of how proper optimization of assisting keywords can increase ROI.

Attend this webcast to learn how properly valuing the impact of all keywords across paid search can materially improve the ROI of your search marketing campaign and improve campaign efficiencies.
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