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Check out some of our recent webcasts – now available on-demand. Watch them now! For a complete listing of our on-demand webcasts visit our On-Demand library.

Ad Networks Best Practices
Dana Todd, CMO and President Emeritus, SEMPO
Tom Cuthbert, President, ClickForensics and Moderator, Click Quality Council

If you’re building an ad network, you’ll want to find out what you can do to deliver the best for your advertisers – how can you be sure to deliver quality traffic? What are today’s best practices in ad networks? What can you do to improve click quality and avoid clickfraud? Watch now!

Decrypting Quality Scores
Speaker: Jon Kelly, President, SureHits

Are your ads showing up lower for the same bid? Are your keywords getting inactivated because of ‘Min Bid” requirements? If you’re finding the results of your PPC ad campaign puzzling, you’re not alone.
It could be your Quality Score — and it could be costing you traffic. Find out what goes into Quality Score, and why understanding it is a critical to a successful PPC campaign. Watch now!

Tracking Beyond the Lead: How to increase the ROI of your lead gen campaign
Alissa Ruehl, Apogee Paid Search Services
Wister Walcott, Marin Software

Learn how to improve your campaign’s ROI and delight your sales team by weeding out junk leads and generating more of the leads that turn into sales. Alissa Ruehl discusses what’s important to measure – and why – and how to set up an effective system for tracking your sales leads. Watch Now!