How to measure the value of *all* your keywords….Webcast, September 4

Sure, you’re measuring keywords in your paid search campaign – you know which ones are leading to clicks and conversions.

But what about the keywords that led up to that last click? Are you paying attention to the “assisting” keywords – the ones that preceded the conversion?

In our September 4 SMN Webcast, Steven Kaufman will show you how to more accurately measure the value of your keywords by analyzing the role they play in the entire customer search cycle – from generating interest up to a conversion. Roger Barnette will follow this with a brief case study/report outlining a real-world example of how proper optimization of assisting keywords can increase ROI.

Getting More From Large, Complex Paid Search Campaigns:
Increasing ROI Through Keyword Analysis and Optimization

Thursday, September 4, 2008 – 1:00 PM EDT
Steven Kaufman, Senior VP, Digitas
Roger Barnette, President, SearchIgnite

Our speakers will cover:
* Why it is important to understand the value of “assist” keywords and all clicks leading up to a conversion
* How to measure the value of all keywords within your portfolio
* When to use differing optimization strategies including Portfolio Optimization, Keyword Position, or Day Parting

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