SEO Questions for Chris Sherman?

What would you like to know about managing a large SEO campaign?

On Thursday May 22, Chris Sherman will be speaking on our Search Marketing Now webcast “Big Brand Search Engine Optimization: Managing Large Campaigns.” To shake things up a bit, we’re going to take questions in advance of the webcast.

In this webcast, Chris Sherman will discuss how large organizations with complex websites can manage the search engine optimization process. He’ll talk about how to gain support for your budget, how to manage the process when it extends across the entire organization, when to centralize SEO, and when to outsource.

The presentation will last for approximately 40 minutes, after which Chris will take questions for about 10-15 minutes.

You can submit your question when you register, or email it to us: [email protected]

Register now for this webcast – then tune in on May 22 at 1 PM Eastern to listen for your question!