SEO and Conversion Rates, SEO for Big Brands – April Webcasts

In April we’ll visit some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) topics at SMN, including how SEO and conversion rates are interconnected, in the webcast

“SEO and Conversion Rates: Hand-in-hand”
April 7, 2009 – 1 PM EDT

Search Engine Land’s Executive Editor Chris Sherman will moderate this presentation, with expert speakers Herndon Hasty, SEO Evangelist from Range Online Media, and Chris Knoch, Principal SEM Consultant at Omniture.

It’s not enough to update your site to be SEO friendly – any changes to your site need to take into account what your customers will see, not just search engines. In tough times, your conversion rate counts, and SEO can affect it for better or worse while boosting your traffic. Whether you’re running a boutique shopping site or a large travel website, it’s a fine balance that’s critical to understand and maintain. Learn about the ways that SEO and user experience work hand-in-hand to grow your traffic while keeping and even growing your conversion rate.

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The following week, Chris Sherman will be presenting

“Big Brand Search Engine Optimization: Managing Large Campaigns”
April 15, 2009 – 1 PM EDT

He’ll address the challenges that are unique to large-scale SEO campaigns, and which strategies you can use to ensure greater success. How do you build consensus among a diverse group of players and sites? When should you centralize certain functions – and when should you outsource? Why is SEO so important for large sites and large brands? Chris will address these and other SEO issues unique to big brands.

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