Recently posted webcasts, on-demand webcasts and whitepapers

SMN Webcasts are available on demand, usually within a few hours of the completion of the webcast. This week’s webcast, “Making Online Marketing Relevant and Responsive: Tactics and A Tool for Success,” has been posted – if you missed it, take a look. Shari Thurow gave a great presentation on how to segment your audience, and Andrew Hally showed a new solution that unifies web analytics, email marketing and web site personalization in one application.

We’ve posted some whitepapers recently, with more coming soon. Here are the most recent —
• ROI-Based Campaign Management: Optimization Beyond Bidding
• Battle Plan: Multilateral Online Marketing (MOM)

Finally, we’ve also posted upcoming webcasts for December
Turning Clients into PPC Champions
Taking over an Existing PPC Account: Best Practices

Next live webcast: December 1, “Ask the Search Engines.” See you then!