December at Search Marketing Now

Here’s what’s coming after the Thanksgiving holiday –

December 1 – “Ask the Search Engines: War Stories from the World Tour
A rare opportunity to ask questions of representatives from Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. Send in a question when you register, or ask it live during the webcast.

December 8 – “Turning Clients into PPC Champions: How to Make PPC Meaningful to ‘the other guys‘”
Alissa Ruehl will talk about how to explain PPC to others within your organization or on the client team. She’ll show how you can turn PPC data into meaningful information, and how you can get others as excited about your PPC success as you are.

December 10 – “Taking Over an Existing PPC Campaign
What happens when you inherit someone else’s PPC campaign? How do you evaluate it and decide what’s working and what’s not? PPC expert Josh Dreller will discuss how to make the transition as smooth as possible.

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