PPC Strategy & Tactics – Q+A with iProspect from recent webcast

We had some great questions on the November 3rd webcast, which focused on PPC strategies and tactics. Our guest panelists, senior executives from iProspect, fielded a number of questions, both live and also some submitted by registrants in advance.

Below are just a few of the questions – the entire webcast, “Ask iProspect: PPC Strategy & Tactics from the Experts” is available on demand.

Q. What tools do you use to measure and track a search term portfolio as a whole across SEO and PPC?

A. It really depends what you want to get out of it. Ask yourself some of these questions first:

  • are you looking for executive level reporting, in terms of how your search portfolio is performing, or are you looking to dive into analytics and dig into the data on the keyword level?
  • free vs. not free? don’t get caught up in whether it’s a free tool or not — determine first if it provides the capabilities you need
  • is it flexible? make sure you select a solution that offers the flexibility you need to work your data into existing technologies or even into excel spread sheets if that’s the process you use
  • can it be easily integrated into your company’s existing systems?
  • Q. What is the most important metric to track and adjust PPC campaigns from?

    A. There are so many metrics to look at across your PPC campaign — from impressions, clicks, click through rate, conversion rate, average positioning related back to click-throughs and cost-per-click.

    You need to first determine the most important one based on your specific goals.

    If you’re focused on ROI, you’ll want to dig into the keyword level. Are you spending your money effectively or are you wasting it on certain keyword or keyword types — so dig into the keyword level and take a look at the ROI specific to that keyword.

    If you’re a brand marketer, maybe it’s not ROI, maybe you’re launching a new product; then you should be focused on cost-effective volume, making sure you’re getting new eyeballs focused on your message. Then you’ll want to look at impressions, clicks, overall click through rate.

    Q. What is the most accurate way to come up with a budget?

    A. First, identify your opportunity at the keyword level and get your initial keyword list together. There are several free tools offered by the search engines to do this.

    Second, establish a goal of what you’re willing to pay for the expected return

    Once you’ve done this, then you can infer from the click-through rate in terms of what your optimal budget and mix should be

    To hear all the questions and answers from this webcast, view the on-demand recording. Thanks again to iProspect for sponsoring this webcast.

    Coming December 1: “Ask the Search Engines” — we’ll use the same Q+A format, with questions for representatives from Google, Yahoo! and Microsoft. Register now!

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