PPC Summer Reading – Improve Campaigns, Quality Score, ROI, more…

Some recently posted SMN resources —

  • How to Choose a PPC Platform – Guide and Checklist

    Whitepaper, sponsored by Wordstream
  • Digital Competitive Intelligence – A Practical Guide to Improve Paid Search Marketing

    Whitepaper, sponsored by AdGooroo
  • PPC Campaign Management Tools in the Facebook Era – SMN Market Intelligence Report

    SMN Research, David Rodnitzky Consulting Editor
  • Global Domination through PPC: What you MUST know to succeed internationally

    On-demand webcast, sponsored by Lionbridge
  • Complete Guide To Google AdWords Matching Options

    Whitepaper, sponsored by Wordstream
  • 7 Steps to a Better Search Campaign

    Whitepaper, sponsored by Wordstream
  • Improving Quality Score: The Value of Being More Relevant

    Whitepaper, sponsored by Wordstream
  • And don’t forget the Paid Search Column every Monday at Search Engine Land, as well as the slew of on-demand webcasts covering PPC-related topics

    Happy reading!