B2B Content Marketing – Notes from June 14 webcast

Some highlights from our June 14 Webcast, B2B Content Creation and Syndication: Secrets of Success

Speakers: Maria Pergolino, Director of Marketing, Marketo
Manny Rivas, aimClear

Maria kicked off – talking about what content marketing is, why it’s important and some of the types of content used in content marketing:

  • Content marketing is more than just putting up content and driving leads, it’s about mitigating risk and building trust
  • Content marketing gives us something to talk about in social media
  • It’s more than just whitepapers – it’s news, blogs, images, maps, book, surveys, videos, demos, widgets, micro-sites, case studies — she listed 28 types of content we can use
  • Good content is not enough — you need to promote, promote, promote, via email, social media, press, events, content syndication, and more
  • People read content differently depending on where they are in the buying cycle
  • Follow the 6 rules of content marketing – it’s non-promotional, relevant to the reader, closes a gap, well-written, relevant to your company, and gives proof
  • Ask for registration information at the appropriate point in the buying cycle
  • Longer the form, lower the conversion rate — ask only what you need to know
  • Create a content library — and don’t forget to share on social media sites, and repurpose it to get the most out of each piece of content

Manny followed with a summary case study of aimClear used the Third Door Media e-Solution Spotlight to promote a new piece of research that aimClear produced on video SEO. They chose to work with a content partner to

  • gain additional exposure to an established network
  • reinforce thought leadership positioning
  • build unaided brand recognition
  • develop the right audience
  • aimClear developed a multi-pronged campaign that included a post on the aimClear blog, the e-Solution Spotlight on Search Engine Land, and advertising on LlinkedIn. aimClear created a WhitePaper for download, that became part of the overall campaign and captured an audience that was further down the funnel. The results were incredibly positive, including a 26% download rate, with visitors from 250 cities, and a noticeable increase in keywords searches using the term ‘video.’

    B2B Content Creation and Syndication: Secrets of Success is available in its entirety in our on-demand webcast section.

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