Managing Paid Search Campaigns for Large Organizations

If you manage a paid search advertising campaign for a large organization, check out our January 13 webcast, “Paid Search for Big Sites, Big Brands,” with Chris Sherman. It’s a classic.

Anyone who’s managed a large paid search campaign within a large organization knows that it has its own set of challenges. For example, what happens when you find yourself bidding against another division in your organization? How do you effectively run a paid search campaign across a website with thousands — or even millions — of Webpages, when every group in the organization is vying for top rank in search results?

On our January 13 webcast, Chris Sherman will discuss what goes into an effective paid search advertising campaign within a large organization. He’ll talk about how to create portfolios of keywords for large brands; how to use paid search in tandem with natural SEO to enhance brand awareness, and how to effectively orchestrate the various teams within your organization to work toward a common, globally aligned search marketing effort.

Paid Search for Big Sites, Big Brands

Tuesday, December 13, 2009
1:00 PM Eastern

Speaker: Chris Sherman, Executive Editor, Search Engine Land
Sponsored by iProspect

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