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The Data Deprecation Challenge And The Promise Of Zero-Party Data

Zero-party data has emerged as a powerful tool to help deliver personalized experiences. However, many firms underestimate the benefits of zero-party data, even going so far as to unnecessarily limit their use of it to post- acquisition tactics. This new study … read more »


Q4 2022 Propel Media Barometer

The Propel PR Management (PRM) team studied over 400,000 PR pitches its users sent during Q3 of this year to share a quarterly report on the state of PR pitching today. Did you know that journalists responded to the most … read more »


Set Your Path to More Connected Customer Experiences

This playbook explores some the three primary components of building a world-class personalization program: Identity and insights Commerce and customer journeys Content at scale But putting all these practices into motion can be daunting. Many brands add some personalization capabilities … read more »


The Business Value of Consent and Preferences

Third-party cookies are going away, making your consent & preferences strategy more important than ever. Regulations across the world, such as the CPRA & GDPR, also have stipulations particularly around opt-ins, consent, and digital marketing. With all of these changes, … read more »


The Ultimate Cookies Handbook for Privacy Professionals

The Ultimate Cookies Handbook for Privacy Professionals from OneTrust is here! Download this comprehensive guide to learn about terminology and requirements, available lawful bases for tracking technologies, the future of the ePrivacy Regulation, CCPA and CPRA requirements, FAQs, and more! … read more »


How To Increase Your eCommerce Revenue

Learn how User-Generated Content (UGC) helps improve both your traffic and Conversion Rate (CVR) for eCommerce websites. See why Google and shoppers prefer the authenticity and trustworthiness of UGC. And why it improves SEO and CVR.  Download this special report … read more »


The 12-Minute Holiday Email Marketing Checklist

Launching a holiday email campaign is no easy feat. You have to define your goals and offers. Find creative ways to stand out. And make sure your emails arrive in the inbox – otherwise, what’s the point of sending them? … read more »


The B2B Social Marketer’s Guide to Connected TV

Connected TV can’t be called a social platform, but like social, it is becoming a key performance channel—especially among B2B businesses looking to differentiate themselves from their competition. And the good news is, for you as an expert social marketer, … read more »


Transform Retail Experiences: Building Trust in the Age of Modern Privacy

The world of retail has changed considerably over the past few years, with digital and physical marketplaces starting to blend and compliment each other along the customer journey. Organizations need to navigate the new challenges of retail spurred by increasing … read more »


An SEO Guide to Finding and Fixing Keyword Cannibalism

Date: Nov 3, 2022 1:00 EDT (10:00PDT)

Ryan Maloney, Manager, SEO Success, Conductor