Giving every ad credit where credit is due….

Consider this scenario:

You receive an LL Bean catalog in the mail, browse through it, and decide you’d like to buy the fuzzy slippers that are on sale. Two days later, you click on an LL Bean ad for slippers, head over the the site and place an order.

Or this:

You click on a search ad for slippers, find a pair online but don’t have your credit card handy. Phone rings, you forget — and three weeks later see the ad again and ultimately buy the new slippers.

Which ad gets the credit? In the first scenario, should the offline catalog get more credit than the online ad? In the second case, which search really drove you to buy? Should they be credited equally? If not, what kind of weight should each get?

To be effective, advertising strategies need to account for a range of factors — including just how to measure the value of every ad.

On Thursday, January 29, we’ll conduct a webcast that addresses these questions — and more — regarding how to properly assign value across the team of ads that contributed to a sale or conversion.

We invite everyone who is involved in online advertising to participate in this webcast, which will consist of a series of interactive polls. By bringing together leading minds in online advertising and marketing, we’ll determine whether or not there is consensus on a number of different valuation models.

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Attribution Management Forum 2.0
Thursday, January 29 – 1 PM EST

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